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Dear Victory Parents,


There have been some updates to our "Policies and Procedures." These changes are effective as of 09/20/2021. Below is a summary of the changes done to the policies and procedures. 


Please, take the time to review and familiarize yourself with the changes.


1) "Recreational classes and team tuition are due and processed on the 1st of each month..."

  • We used to process on the 7th. If there is an issue with your method of payment, you will now have a week to get them resolved before the late fee is applied.

2) "After the 7th of each month, any accounts with a past due balance will incur a $25 late fee. Any account with 2 or more billing cycles past due will be automatically dropped from their enrollment(s). To resume enrollment(s), provide new payment method and payment for the past due balance. Late Fees will only be incurred for active months of enrollments."

  • Late Fee cost increased. 

  • Added new section regarding limit to number of past due tuition.

  • Added new section regarding application of late fee. Ex: "If you receive a late fee on January, but you were dropping your classes starting on February, there will be no extra late fee for your past due balance of January after the 7th of February (Jan. already has a late fee)." If you are active because you didn't give a drop notice, you could incur 2 late fees. 

3) "10% discount is automatically applied to second enrollment. This does not include specialty camps or other special activities. "

  • New discount section added. This was already in place, now it is part of the policy.

4) "No refunds will be given for the registration fee. Camp refunds must be submitted a week prior to the child’s first day of camp. Drop notices are part of refund eligibility. Failure to provide a drop notice with the proper amount of time can be grounds for denial of a refund for tuition. Victory Gymnastics reserves the right to decline refund request which do not follow our policies and procedures."

  • Added drop notice to refund policy as there was confusion regarding this topic

5) "30-day written, emailed, or submitted through parent portal, drop notice..." "Leaving the gym without a written 30-days’ notice and no payment for the final month will result in a $50 Cancellation Fee." 

  • Added the options on providing drop notices.

  •  New section added regarding absence of a drop notice and no payment for the final month.

6) "No make-up classes are available for scheduled holidays. There will be no proration or make-up classes for inclement weather, or for emergencies in which the gym is forced to close."

  • Added make-up policy regarding gym holidays.

  • Added new section regarding gym schedule for inclement weather and emergencies. This is only for cases were we have no control over closing down. Ex: Storms, Blackouts, etc.

In order to attended classes as of 1/2/2019, all forms (Policies, Waiver, Billing) must be signed through the parent portal. If you would like to view all the forms, please check below for "Victory Forms" PDF. 


If you require access to your parent portal account, please check below for "Parent Portal Access" PDF.

***This notice is only for current members prior to 12/30/18***

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